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3-year residence permit

Live and work remotely legally

Apply from Spain or from your country of origin

Benefit tax advantages and more

Work remotely from Spain with the new visa for digital nomads and remote workers 

The Spanish government has finally approved the long-waited visa for digital nomads and remote workers, which means that you can start applying TODAY!  The digital nomad visa is open to non-EU nationals who work remotely for non-Spanish companies. Applicants are allowed to get a maximum of 20% of their income from Spanish companies. 



A 3-year residence permit is granted either directly from Spain or from your country of origin via the Spanish consulate. You can benefit from this visa and its enormous tax advantages as long as:



•Those who have a contract with a non-Spanish company that allows them to work remotely from Spain. 

 Those who are self-employed professionals and have clients abroad and work as independent contractors

 • Those who earn their income from various online sources outside of Spain.


 If you belong to any of these 3 groups, you may be eligible to apply for the digital nomad visa and take advantage of the benefits and tax advantages it offers.

Why this visa is perfect for remote workers 

Fast execution

Get your residence permit in just 30 days after submitting the application

Family reunification

Get residency for your family with no extra requirements

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Free travel within the EU

With this residence you can travel and move freely throughout the Schengen Zone

Tax Benefits

Benefit from an advantageous tax regime by paying only 24% of your income

Apply from Spain

Complete the application process directly from Spain as a tourist

Get the Fastest Residency permit

Years with this card will count toward your permanent residency

Who is eligible 

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You work remotely for a company located outside the EU/EEA, or perform a maximum of 20% of your professional activity for a Spanish based company.

You have been working for the company for at least 3 months before application and your work contract is for at least 1 year. This company must also certify that you, as a worker, are authorized to work online

You can demonstrate three years of work-related experience or have graduated from a reputable university or business/training school. The company or companies with which the digital nomad has a relationship must have been operating in the market for at least 1 year

You must have graduated from a prestigious university or business school, or have 3 years of work experience (minimum)

Hire a private medical insurance with full coverage in the Spanish territory

Demonstrate possession of sufficient financial funds (€25,000), either in a bank account or with your salary

Tax Advantages

You will pay a fixed percentage of 24% on your work income (up to €600,000), instead of a tax of up to 48%

You will be considered a non-tax resident for 5 years and thus avoid paying wealth tax

In addition, you will avoid the need to present the informative model 720

Take advantage of this special regime if you have not resided in Spain for the last 5 years (instead of the 10 established by the general rule for the Beckham Law)

Start your tax application within 6 months of obtaining your visa as a digital nomad

We will submit your application online

Our team of lawyers will take care of sending all the documentation for you (both in the main application and in its renewal) so that you can get your residence in the most comfortable way possible.

How can we help you with your teleworking visa?

Card application

We will manage your digital nomad visa application, from start to finish, preparing all the documents, making sure you meet all the requirements and guiding you step by step so that you enjoy a comfortable and successful application

Tax regime request

We will prepare and request for you the special tax regime that will allow you to save taxes and pay a fixed tax rate of 24% on your income, save wealth tax and model 720

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With you step by step

Our team of lawyers specialized in immigration, business and taxes will help you step by step and will be by your side throughout the entire application process, resolving any legal questions you may have to provide you with total legal security.